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Outer Metropolitan Region 8 Timetables and Network

Blue Mountains Bus Co provides passenger bus services throughout the Blue Mountains from Penrith to Mt Victoria.

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Please note: Route 686 Service changes are now in use.

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Timetables and Route Maps for the Blue Mountains Bus Company services are below:

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Lower Mountains Timetable
Route Description Download Timetable & Map
688 Penrith to Emu Heights
via Panthers and Emu Plains.

Lower Mountains Timetable
689 Penrith to Leonay
via Panthers and Emu Plains.
690P Springwood to Penrith via Glenbrook, Blaxland, Warrimoo and Valley Heights.
691 Penrith to Mount Riverview via Blaxland.
1688 Penrith to Leonay & Emu Heights Combined Routes 688 & 689 service via Panthers.
Mid Mountains Timetable
Route Description Download Timetable & Map
Route 685H Springwood to North Hazelbrook via Faulconbridge, Linden, Woodford and Hazelbrook.
Mid Mountains Timetable
Route 690C Springwood to Faulconbridge
Route 690K Springwood to Katoomba via Faulconbridge, Linden, Woodford, Hazelbrook, Lawson, Wentworth Falls and Leura.
Route 690P Springwood to Penrith via Valley Heights, Warrimoo, Blaxland and Glenbrook.
Route 691 Penrith to Mount Riverview via Blaxland.
Route 692B Springwood to Buckland via Lomatia Gardens and Hospital.
Route 692H Springwood to Hawkesbury Heights
Route 692W Springwood to Winmalee
Route 692Y Springwood to Yellow Rock
Route 693 Springwood to Burns Road
Route 694 Springwood to Bee Farm Road
Upper Mountains Timetable
Route Description Download Timetable & Map
Route 685 Katoomba to North Wentworth Falls via Leura
Upper Mountains Timetable
Route 686 Katoomba to Scenic World via Echo Point.
Route 686G Katoomba to Katoomba Golf Club via Cliff Drive.
Route 690H Katoomba to Katoomba Hospital
Route 690K Katoomba to Springwood via Leura, Wentworth Falls, Bullaburra, Lawson, Hazelbrook, Woodford, Linden and Faulconbridge.
Route 695 Katoomba to South Leura via Leura.
Route 696 Katoomba to South Katoomba via Clissold Street and Ada Street.
Route 697 Katoomba to North Katoomba
Route 698 Katoomba to Blackheath
Route 698V Katoomba to Mount Victoria

Please note:
Passengers should note that connections are not guaranteed and buses may not be held in the event of late running City Rail services.

For further information or inquiries, call (02) 4751 1077 or

Or contact outside of office hours.


Head Office
25 Great Western Highway
Phone: (02) 4751 1077
Fax: (02) 4751 1079
Email: bmtcustomerservice

104-108 Old Bathurst Road
Phone: (02) 4735 5734

68 Megalong Street
Phone: (02) 4784 2800

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