Cool Rider Safety Programme

Be a Cool Bus Rider! Cool Rider is a School Bus Safety Programe developed by Blue Mountains Bus Company. This programme is developed in the interest of community safety and awareness. The programme is available to infants and primary aged students from all schools in the region.

The programe takes place at the school with students and teachers. During this time the students will learn about school bus travel, school bus safety and have the opportunity to participate in activities and demonstrations.

Advice for mums and dads

Meeting your children at the bus stop is wise but please wait for them on the same side of the road as the bus stop. Parking opposite is dangerous! Your children may be anxious to see you after school and they are likely to run across the road to meet you. Cross the road with them. Please give the bus a lot of room to get in an out of its stop, don’t park in the bus stop area.

In case of an emergency

Accidents are extremely rare, but if one does happen, here’s what you do:

  • Follow the instructions of your driver who has been trained to deal with these situations.
  • Do not move an injured person unless it is absolutely necessary. Moving them could cause further injury.
  • If required, contact emergency services – police, ambulance or fire brigade – answer their questions.
  • If the driver is injured, leave the bus by the nearest safe exit.
  • Organise a “head count” to see is anybody is missing.

For your chance to win a prize

Download any picture (requires Acrobat Reader), colour it in and send into Blue Mountains Bus Company, 25 Great Western Highway, Valley Heights, NSW 2777. Don’t forget to write your name and contact details on the back!”

Cool Rider Do’s and Don’ts

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

Stay cool if the bus is late.
Don't wander away from the bus stop.
Be a cool rider to help your driver drive you safely.
Don't break your drivers concentration with noise or wild actions.
Be cool ad you'll keep all your body parts
Don't poke any arms, legs or heads out of the bus windows or doors.
Cool riders wait till the bus has completely stopped before they leave it.
Don't be uncool by falling over as you get off – don't rush.
Act Cool when the bus arrives.
Don't push and shove.
Cool riders stand back from the driver. Hold the rail if there are no seats.
Don't stand on the steps or move about while the bus is moving.
It's cool to be considerate
Don't leave rubish on the bus. Don't throw rubbish out of the bus.
Cool riders know that they can't see through a bus.
Don't cross the road before the bus has moved off


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