Accessibility Transport Plan

Accessibility Transport Plan 2011

This Accessible Transport Plan outlines the Company’s objectives, initiatives and performance measures in relation to the key areas of providing reliable accessible services on our network that operate to the highest of standard.


  • To provide equitable access to public transport services in line with DDA legislation.
  • To meet the traveling needs of persons with a disability.
  • To provide accessible information and signage.
  • To provide accessible access to any of our Company premises in line with legislation.
  • To meet or exceed compliance benchmarks.


  • The Commonwealth Government of Australia
  • Transport NSW and the NSW Government
  • Blue Mountains City Council
  • Penrith City Council
  • Public Transport Users and the Community of the Blue Mountains


  • Review procurement policy to ensure buses comply with legislative requirements.
  • To continue to implement wheelchair accessible buses to meet compliance benchmarks.
  • To maintain consistent distribution of accessible information and services.
  • To enhance our website to provide access to persons with disabilities.
  • To continue to assist Councils who are responsible for maintaining accessible transport infrastructure.
  • To review corporate infrastructure and incorporate accessible upgrades into our action plan.
  • Liaise with community groups and conduct market research to identify requirements for accessible services.
  • Maintain accessible feedback systems.
  • Consider employees with disabilities and provide employee awareness.
  • Review accessibility training needs.
  • Consider non-disabled passenger awareness and promote the needs of disabled passengers to the community.


  • 131 500 reports reflecting good and reliable information is conveyed to the public.
  • Number of customer surveys conducted, based on a rating system, measuring number of complaints against similar periods of time.
  • Number of website hits, in particular accessible features utilized.
  • Number of consultation sessions held with community groups and Councils.


The General Manager is responsible for implementing this Accessible Transport Plan.

Legislative Requirements

  • NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977;
  • NSW Disability Services Act 1993;
  • NSW Disability Policy Framework;
  • Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act, 1992; and
  • Commonwealth Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (effective from 23 October 2002).

A full copy of this Plan is available to any interested party on request.

Issue Date: January 2011
Revision Date: January 2012

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